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The secret of Asian Lifestyle:

Clear forms and lines, thoughtful design, always with use and purpose.

Nothing is left to chance.

Everything has order and designed to suit the person and their living space.



Living and Furnishing

Sleeping and dreaming

Lamps, Tatamis, ShojiTables,
 Accessoires, more.....

The sleeping room as place of emotion and relaxation. Esthetic and practical. Asian Dreams, time to relax. Futons, Beds, Daybeds

Overview sleeping + dreaming

Overview Beds+ Futons


Sensual Pleasures

Feel comfortable in Kimonos and Yukatas.

Teas,  japanese Table Wear, Sushiset, Music

Overview Wear-Kimonos and more

Overview Sensual Pleasures

All original japanese products

are marked with this symbol  Original japanese produkt .

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